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1) 241 Pizza – 685 Myers Rd. Cambridge. ON

Site Characteristics:

241 Pizza

241 Pizza specializes in delivering great value to our customer’s door or at the counter for pick up orders. Our recognized 241-0-241 phone number and our user-friendly Online Ordering Solution has made it even easier for our customers to order their favourite pizza.

Since opening its first store in Toronto in 1986, 241 Pizza has become one of the leading pizza brands in Ontario. We are continuing to grow in Western Canada and Newfoundland, while looking to expand into the rest of Canada.

With decades of experience and solid reputation, 241 Pizza is a stable franchise. To become part of our growth, check out our available Franchise Opportunities here.

Join 241 Pizza.

The cost of opening a 241 Pizza® restaurant is typically in the range of $217,500.00 to $265,000.00. A large portion of this amount may be financed, although we recommend cash investments of at least 40%. Financing from financial institutions is available through government-supported small business loans, or we can facilitate financing for qualified candidates.

Please Contact: Tariq El-Noqrashy – or by phone (416)688-9509

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2) 241 Pizza – 61 – 1st Ave., Chesley, ON – Coming Soon

3) 241 Pizza – 2780 Hwy 7 W., Vaughan, ON – Coming Soon

3) 241 Pizza – Midland Town Centre, Balm beach Rd E. Midland, ON – Coming Soon


Scarborough, ON – 1 or 2 store deal

Pickering, ON

Ajax, ON

Whitby, ON

Oshawa, ON

Brighton, ON

Lindsay, ON [SOLD]

Napanee, ON

Kingston, ON

Niagara Falls, ON


North Brampton

Oakville, ON

Burlington, ON

Hamilton, ON

Hagersville, ON

East York, ON

Midland, ON

Guelph, ON

Weston Road, ON

Toronto West

Toronto East

North York